French airsoft player

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French airsoft player
« : Temmuz 28, 2016, 01:38:40 ÖS »
Herkese Merhaba, size bir İngilizce deneyim yoksa çevirebilir , bir Fransız turist , ben Türkçe bilmiyorum değilim

Hello everybody, i'm an airsoft french player, and i am in istanbul for hollydays .

Firstly i LOVE your country, all are beautiful,  i'm really happy of my hollydays, i thing i come back again  ;D

So to come back to the initial subject, i are an airsoft french player living in france, in paris .

And as you can see, our airsoft are really developed, you can see on this youtube channel an airsoft team playing on paris : https://m.youtube.com/user/hotsynk

If i am here is because i want to know did people play airsoft around the world .

So i have few questions :

Airsoft are popular un turkey ?

It is prohibed in turkey ?

What are your main rules ? ( power of replicas, security ... )


As you can see, our airsoft are really developed . We have a lot of shops, new airsoft weapon systems ( high pressure air, magnetic airsoft guns etc etc ), and we have a lot of teams and a lot of place we can play ( legaly )

If you want information about france airsoft, price of replicas, rules, new airsoft technologies, it will be a pleasur to answer you .

Have a nice day !


( my equipment :

M4 G&P VLTOR full upgraded, 380 feet per second with 0.20 gramme bullet .

Glock 17 tokyo marui

Vsr 10 tokyo marui full pdi

Multicam propper  . )